Sunday, 6 January 2013

Staying Busy

I broke out of the 1-7's and weighed in at 169.4 this morning.  WHOOOOOO!!!  That means I am 9.4 lbs away from being at the top of what a doctor would consider being a healthy weight for my height and age.  I have never been closer to achieving that goal than I am today and I want to celebrate that in itself. :)

Lots going on over here as usual.  My father died in October, and my maternal grandfather died January 3rd.  It's a whole new world I live in emotionally right now.  I have decided to not let it devastate me, but I still have a deep sadness inside when I dwell too long on them.  It gets hard to climb out of sometimes, but I'm still walking along the edge of the precipice most days.  That all might not make sense to anyone but me, but there it is.  I've never suffered more loss than I have in the past few months.  It is proving to be a growing experience for me.

We did put a memorial up for Dad at our wild life preserve.  It's run by our school system, so Dad got sent out to work on their computers some times.  Dad always had an affinity for eagles, so we put it right in front of the eagle enclosure at the preserve.

Staying busy seems to be the answer to both weight loss and grief right now.  I do my best to not spend a whole day at home.  I like to find something to go out and do.  I've been cooking lots of recipes out of the cook books I received for Christmas.  I've been able to cook and bake non-weight watchers foods for Hubby and not indulge in them myself.  I'm finding I enjoy cooking right now, spending time in the kitchen and it's not so much about the food as it is about being up and about concentrating on something.  Helps the time go by.

My new favorite is salmon.  We didn't really eat much fish growing up unless Dad caught in on a fishing trip (which he did a lot of when I was a small child, but not much of at all later on.)  I knew I wanted to start eating more fish, because it's a very healthy, nutrient dense food, but also because I wanted to have other options of "white meat" other than chicken.  (I really don't eat pork because it just doesn't agree with me.)  So I bought some garlic-herb seasoned salmon that was wrapped by the grocery store and had it for dinner just last night.  SO yummy!  I'm looking forward to the other portion of it later today.  I love trying new foods!  Opens up whole new possibilities!

Cupcake, Monster, their mother, and I took a spontaneous 3 hour road trip to the Charleston Aquarium and to see Rainbow Row.  We had a GREAT time.  This is my Monster driving the boat in one of the aquariums interactive displays.  He's just over 2.5 years old right now and I love everything about him. :o)


  1. great picture
    sorry for your emotional losses but congrats on you weight losses

  2. Hang in there! They say it gets easier. Celebrating life with a 2 1/2 year old has gotta be a bit of salve on your heart.

  3. had to cry... great blog... kills me that you are hurting but i'm so proud of you that you are finding a way to push through all this and doing so well! xoxox

  4. You do so well. Reading about your losses makes me wonder what my blog will be like when my dad passes (he has terminal cancer). I hope I hold up as well as you are and don't feed my sadness with junkfood. (((hugs)) thanks for being inspiring!


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