Sunday, 14 July 2013

Once a Week Cooking

Shew!! Just finishing up in the kitchen today! It took me about 6 hours, and 3 rounds of the dish washer. I'm now just waiting on one last potato casserole (Aaron's favorite) to come out of the oven. Once a week cooking means I know that I have whole foods, ready to eat, and supporting a balanced diet. It doesn't get much easier than heating something up in the oven or microwave while I shower after work or the gym! We save money by avoiding eating out with the exception of our date nights once a weekend. We are busy people working long hours who often eat every meal away from home, so eating the same foods for 4-5 days really doesn't bother us as long as they are foods we like. We enjoy the convenience of walking to the fridge and filling up our lunch boxes quickly in the morning and hardly ever have the "what are we gonna eat?" conversation. I also often double recipes to put into our freezer for weeks when I don't have time to cook on Sunday, or when we have run out of food by Thursday or Friday.

This is what cooking for the week looks like for my family:

Top shelf holds cheese (it was on sale this week, so some of which I have now put in the freezer), meats (ham for sandwiches, and ground beef that will likely be turned into taco meat), boiled eggs, and Crystal Light.

Middle shelf holds shredded chicken (mostly for the dog, she's gotta eat too!), Korean BBQ (Bulgogi) that Aaron will eat for dinners with the potato casserole, and behind that are wraps and breads, Aaron's ham and cheese sliders he will eat for lunches, and Egg McMuffins for his breakfast, Then my yogurts, and raw eggs.

Bottom shelf holds butternut squash casserole for my dinners, and a cauli-chowder with ham and vegetables for my lunches. Some leftover chicken parmesan casserole (for Aaron), grapes, and marinating steak.

(Not pictured are the snack packs mentioned earlier and all the veggies in the bottom drawers)

Seems like a TON of food for just two people, but I'm ALWAYS amazed at how fast we go through it. Only thing left from last weeks cooking is about a quarter of that chicken parmesan casserole on the bottom shelf...

Yes, Aaron and I eat differently. He is not on the same journey with me and that's OK! It doesn't stop me from doing what I want, and I feel better knowing that the food he is eating I made myself (as opposed to coming from fast-food, which is likely what he would eat if I didn't prepare his meals for him.)

To say my freezer is full would be an understatement. :) I stay well stocked, it's true. And, if we ever get hit with a linger power outage I will be SO pissed off, but it is what it is! LOL I won't go into everything that's in there, but I wanted to show you and give you full disclosure that we're normal! We eat real foods that you find at Kroger. It's NOT all vegetables and beans and chicken...

No comments about a bomb going off in here!! LOL